This Couple Went Viral For Their 'Accidentally Obscene' Santa Display

Glowing Santa Claus Statue At Night

Photo: Getty Images

Now is the time you start seeing who really is OBSESSED with the holidays in your neighborhood when they put up their holiday lights on their home and this couple went viral for a hilarious reason involving their Santa!

User @ambieannzzz posted a video on TikTok that now has over 36 MILLION views that showed how her husband put up their Santa display on their roof, but instead of waving to people driving by, it's doing something way dirtier!

Apparently, the husband forgot to zip-tie Santa's hand up to wave so it instead his hand is waving a "few inches lower" if you know what we mean. The video's set to Mariah Carey’s “Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town” and it's the ULTIMATE holiday vibe for 2021!

Check out the video below and learn from their mistakes: double zip-tie!

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