A New Study Explains Why You Don't Feel Cold When Going Out At Night

Group of friends partying in a nightclub

Photo: Getty Images

Have you always wondered why when you go out into DC that you can withstand colder temperatures than when you can on a Target trip during the day? Turns out there's an actual reason why according to scientists from the University of South Florida!

Researchers at the university wanted to find out about the phenomenon that happens when we feel that we look hot and how we can withstand colder temperatures because we're "feeling ourselves."

The study primarily looked at women and found that women who look 'hot' or who are more focused on 'self-objectification' are less aware of feeling cold. This means that women are less aware of how hungry they are, their temperature, and other internal factors because their "externals" are their priority.

You can learn more about the study HERE or watch one of the researcher's TikTok about the study below!

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