This British Dating Show Sends Eliminated Contestants Down A Trap Door

Photo: (Channel 4)

We've all seen shows like The Bachelor, Sexy Beasts, or Parental Control where when a contestant is eliminated they scurry past the host through a door for one last final interview, but a new UK dating show is making eliminations even more shocking!

A new dating show called The Love Trap is currently airing its first season in the UK and instead of having contestants exit the show's house through the front door it drops them suddenly down a trap door instead.

The main premise of the show is that the lucky bachelor is supposed to determine which of his potential matches is pretending to be single and are looking for the prize money and which ones are really there looking for love.

Apparently none of the contestants actually knew about the trap door until the first elimination, which you can see below, and you already know Netflix is trying to secure the rights to this show in the US because this is the drama we want in our dating shows!

Also if you wanted to check out the show's entire first episode you can watch it all below just in case you want some reasoning as to why the above person fell down a trap door!

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