Apple Is Selling A Piece Of Cloth For $19

Apple Store

Photo: Getty Images

We all have that one friend who rocks everything Apple-related and upgrades their phones and laptops every time Apple announces a new product, but Apple's latest product might even be a little TOO EXTRA for them - a $19 polishing cloth!

Apple's "Polishing Cloth" retails for a flat $19 on its website and apparently it can "clean any Apple display, including nano-texture glass, safely and effectively." However, you can buy the same type of cleaning cloth for as low as a dollar on Amazon or whatever online retailer you may use.

The main reason why Apple's cloth is so expensive is probably because it's rocking the Apple logo, but besides that you can save yourself the price of dinner by shopping elsewhere.

You can see what Apple's new product looks like below and you already know the Internet had thoughts about the polishing cloth!

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