This Five Guys Hack Lets You Get A "Free Cheeseburger" With Your Order


Photo: Getty Images

Everybody loves getting their food for FREE and now you can get a "free cheeseburger" on your next Five Guys trip thanks to TikTok!

HealthyJunkFood, which is a group of content creators on YouTube, went viral over the weekend for their food hack that lets you get two sandwiches out of one cheeseburger at Five Guys!

While it technically is splitting your order of a normal burger into two smaller burgers, it can save you money if you're not that hungry and filled up on peanuts while waiting for your food.

All you have to do to do the hack is to mainly order a normal burger with as many toppings as you want and then ask for another bun, which you can get for free. You then split everything up and then you have two cheeseburgers ready to go!

You can see the hack below, but it has already been seen by over FIVE MILLION people as of right now so get ready for Five Guys to implement a change in the near future!

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