Dolce & Gabbana Just Sold A Digital Suit For One Million Dollars

Dolce & Gabbana in Cannes

Photo: Getty Images

NFTs and cryptocurrency are continuing to be more popular and mainstream, but Dolce & Gabbana might have taken the top spot for the most outrageous NFT yet with a digital suit that sold for over $1 million!

The fashion brand recently held an online auction for clothing and jewelry NFTs and the most valuable piece was the "green glass suit," which sold for $1,199,916.01 or 351 Ethereum.

People could only use Ethereum in the auction to bid, which is an alternative to Bitcoin and is as of this writing worth about $3,350 USD so you might see that go up in worth the next few days.

There were nine pieces sold in the auction, five of which had an actual physical version of the NFT including the "green glass suit." Lucky for the buyer they at least get a digital and actual suit for that price tag!

You can see what the suit looked like in digital form below!

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