Netflix Placed The Squid Game Doll In The Philippines To Prevent Jaywalking

This might be the coolest way Netflix has promoted a show in recent years because they installed a replica of the giant doll from Squid Game in the Philippines to prevent jaywalking!

The streaming service installed the replica from episode 1 at the Robinsons Galleria mall in Quezon City, Philippines and it turns its head around anytime it detects someone jaywalking when the crosswalk light is red.

It even chants "Red Light, Green Light" when it catches someone in the act and flashes its eyes red; however, it doesn't have the same effect as on the show.

You can check out video of the replica doll in action below and this would definitely freak me out a little if I saw the doll in real life.

Also if you still haven't watched Squid Game, then check out the trailer below!

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