You Can Get Married Inside A Shipping Container For $350

Just Married Sign And Cans Attached To Car's Trunk

Photo: Getty Images

We don't blame you if you're trying to save money on your wedding because they can be EXPENSIVE, but an event space in Seattle might be setting the new norm for budget-weddings: getting married in a shipping container!

Shotgun Ceremonies, which has a great name, is currently offering the very first "shipping container-wedding chapel," where for $350 you can hold a small ceremony with as many guests as you want.

The shipping container has been modified to be an open-air chapel, which is perfect for the COVID-friendly ceremony of your dreams and you can even add on an Elvis impersonator to class things up.

You can see what the chapel looks like below, but get ready for a TON of budget-friendly venues to pop up in the next few years and just make sure your partner approves first before booking one!


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