Wendy's Is Making Their Own Smartphone

Sign of Wendy's restaurant in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.

Photo: Getty Images

Sure you might have just purchased an iPhone 13, but you might want to return it because Wendy's is making their own smartphone and it actually looks pretty cool!

Wendy's in Canada is currently holding a promotion where a few lucky winners will be given the very first Wendy's phone that comes with a built-in AI called "Wendy" instead of Siri!

To participate in the contest, you really just need to take a screenshot of your go-to Wendy's order and post it online with #WendysPhone and #Contest on the post.

You also need to live in Canada so while we'll all have to wait for a little bit, it might not be too long if the promotion goes well! Check out what the phone looks like below!

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