Someone Owns The Phone Number From 'Squid Game' And Keeps Getting Called

Photo: (Netflix)

Do you have a popular phone number that gets a TON of spam calls every day? At least you don't have the same phone number as the one shown in Netflix's Squid Game, which one person actually has!

Apparently the person, who refers to themselves as "A" has the same exact phone number seen in the hit show and ever since the show went MEGA-viral they get at over 100 calls every day from people trying to see if the number is real.

In the show, it’s the number to call if you want to get involved in the games, but the original owner has had the number for over ten years.

Netflix has reportedly tried to contact "A" multiple times to reach a settlement, which you hope at least includes paying for their new number, but something tells us "A" might hold out until Squid Game gets renewed for a second season.

If you haven't seen the show yet, then check out the trailer below and trust me - it's really good!!

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