Taking Your Dog On A Long Walk Can Help Prevent "Doggie Dementia"

Close up photo of a labrador walking with his owner in the park in a sunny day

Photo: Getty Images

You might want to let your dog sniff around even longer on your next bathroom trip/walk because a new study says that regular exercise and walking can actually prevent canine dementia later on in their lives!

The University of Washington studied over 15,000 dogs this past year and found that dogs who have more inactive lives (i.e. they go outside just for bathroom breaks) are 6.47 times more likely to develop a canine cognitive dysfunction that has similarities to Alzheimer’s disease.

The main thing to help prevent this is to take your dogs on longer walks if you don't really right now and doing so will not only keep them cognitively active, but also help them burn off all those treats you spoil them with.

You can read more from the study below!

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