A Gamer Dislocated His Shoulder During His Post-Tournament Victory Dance

Professional Gamer Playing and Winning in First-Person Shooter Online Video Game on His Personal Computer. Footage Fade out into Bokeh. Room Lit by Neon Lights in Retro Arcade Style. Cyber Sport Championship.

Photo: Getty Images

Whether you just won the Super Bowl or your first video game tournament always remember to stay humble and show good sportsmanship or you might dislocate your shoulder like this gamer who just won a tournament!

Over the weekend CakeAssault won a Rivals of Aether tournament in Ohio and as soon as he knew he won, he jumped out of his chair and did a mini-victory dance. That is until he dislocated his shoulder mid-dance and collapsed to the ground.

You can see the whole post-game dance below and hopefully this doesn't keep him out of the game too long, but if it does then he at least went out on top!

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