This Is Why Movie Trailers Always Use Slower Versions Of Classic Songs

Happy Latin American couple at the movies

Photo: Getty Images

Movie trailers are probably one of life's "hypest" experiences, especially if you watch on in theaters, because who doesn't want to get excited for the next great movie coming out in a year, but it turns out there's a pattern!

You might have noticed that a TON of movie trailers are starting to use slowed-down version of classic and pop songs throughout the trailer and the reason why is to make everyone want to see the movie.

Our friends at Variety learned that movie studios do this to give everyone something familiar to latch onto for a new movie so that they look up the song, the movie, or actors because they want to learn more.

Whether it's the slowed-down version of "Say My Name" in Candyman or the subtle nods of the "Ghostbusters Theme" in the new Ghostbusters movie, these songs encourage audiences to see it even before they buy a ticket.

You can read more about the phenomenon HERE, but make sure to look out for the next familiar song whenever you go back to the theater!

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