This Hotel Guest Is Going Viral For Stripping His Bed Before Checking Out!?

Cropped shot of tourist woman pulling her luggage to her hotel bedroom after check-in.

Photo: Getty Images

This might lead to a heated debate on how much you should help your hospitality staff when staying at a hotel, but a man is going viral on Facebook after he admitted that he strips his bed before checking out.

Apparently, the man does this so that he can help the hotel staff cleaning his room out and as of right now it has over 400 comments from people sharing their feelings on the situation.

The man also folds all the blankets and sheets in a neat pile after he's done, which doesn't make too much sense when they hotel staff is most likely throwing it in a hamper to wash everything.

You can see the post below and make sure to let your thoughts known in the comments, but the main debate is if everyone should do this or if hotel staff are getting paid to strip the bed.

I'll let you choose sides on that one!

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