Tony Hawk Is Selling Skateboards Painted With His Blood!?

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Photo: Getty Images

Have you ever wanted to be like Tony Hawk and skateboard like nobody was watching? Now you can thanks to a new skateboard painted with Hawk's actual blood!

The legendary skateboarder is teaming up with beverage company Liquid Death to create a limited-edition run of 100 skateboard decks painted with Hawk’s blood. Obviously, Tony Hawk is still alive and kicking, but the company took a vial of his blood, mixed it with paint, and then painted each skateboard.

The skateboard decks will set you back $500, but this could be the closest you get to skateboarding with Tony Hawk in person, just with his blood and not him.

You can check out the promo video for the skateboard deck below and if you're interested in literally owning a piece of Tony Hawk you can go HERE to order the skateboard deck!

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