People Are Paying A TON Of Money For NFT Digital Rocks

Abstract dry Pebbles Stones Blue Toned Background

Photo: Getty Images

2021 was already a weird year before NFTs (non-fungible tokens) became a thing, but now people are buying NFT digital rocks for over $200,000 and all they get is a digital rock!

Say what you will about NFTs, but they are the "new hotness" when it comes to digital currency where you can "own" a digital art piece, but now clipart of rocks are selling for way more than they should be.

One of the EtherRock up for sale right now, is selling for $272,679 because it is the "last rock of a digital set" before the creator makes a new match most likely in a few weeks.

You can see one buyer's explanation as to why he bought a NFT rock below, but I feel like you could have bought a house instead if you really wanted to!

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