Netflix Has Revealed Its Live-Action 'Avatar: The Last Airbender' Cast

We're one step closer to getting another live-action adaptation of Avatar: The Last Airbender as Netflix as revealed the main cast for the upcoming series!

Heading the series is showrunner Albert Kim and executive producers Dan Lin, Lindsey Liberatore, and Michael Goi and the cast has been better chosen to reflect the racial and ethnic backgrounds of the characters in the original animated series.

Here are some of the key roles already cast on the show as well as where you might recognize each actor from:

  • Gordon Corimer (The Stand) as Aang
  • Kiawentiio (Anne with an E) as Katara
  • Ian Ousley (13 Reasons Why) as Sokka
  • Dallas Liu (Pen15) as Zuko

You can see what the actors look like below and while there is still no scheduled release date for the series, you can learn more about production HERE!

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