You Can Now Buy Shares Of A Nintendo World Championship Cartridge!?

Now I'm probably not the best person to tell you on how to invest your money, but if watching Robinhood for stocks or looking up NFTS is not your game, then get ready to invest in actual collectibles like a cartridge from the Nintendo World Championships!

A new investment scheme has launched in an investment app called Otis that allows people to buy shares of the 1990 Nintendo World Championships Cartridge for $10 and the shares fluctuate in value just like stock.

The Nintendo World Championships 1990 cartridge is viewed as the rarest and most valuable NES games ever released and is valued at over $200,000 and you can do the same for other collectibles like comic books, shoes, and toys.

It might be worth the $10 you won for investing in Dogecoin earlier this year and keep your profit train roiling!


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