New Study Says Dogs Will Ignore You If They Know You're Lying To Them

Portrait of dog staring at owners hand and dog biscuit

Photo: Getty Images

Every now and again you've probably played with your dog and tried to trick them into thinking you have nothing in your hand when you actually do. Turns out that they can tell when you're BS-ing them!

According to a new study from University of Vienna, unlike kids, your dog will ignore you if they know you are lying to them based on their ancestral instincts.

Researchers looked at the differences in children under the age of 5, chimpanzees, and dogs and found that dogs we're often the only subjects that could tell when someone was lying to them about food.

The study also found that dogs are more likely to pick up on social signals and learn from us a lot faster than our kids so you might want to mess with your dog a little less starting today!

To learn more from the study you can go HERE!

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