Ford Is Releasing Its Own Gasoline-Scented Fragrance

At one point in your life you probably have had a whiff of gasoline because it got on your clothes or on the ground of the gas station and Ford has a fragrance for you in case you miss that smell!

The fragrance is called "mach-Eau" and was created after a survey of Ford Europe drivers found that 1 in 5 drivers miss the "smell of gas" when they switch to an electric car. That's why Ford created its own fragrance that as of right now isn't for sale, but could be if enough people show support on social media.

Apparently the fragrance also contains notes of "almondy" benzaldehyde, a smell associated with car interiors, the rubber smell of tires, blue ginger, lavender, geranium, and sandalwood for additional smoky, metallic, and rubbery notes. The company also included an “animal element” to give the “impression of horses.”

You can see what the fragrance looks like below and luckily "4-D smellvision" isn't a thing!!

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