You Can Get Paid $3,000 To Check Something Off Your Bucket List

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Everybody has certain things they want to do before the "kick the bucket" and insurance company Choice Mutual wants to pay you $3,000 to get motivated and check something off your bucket list!!

The company is offering up a dream position where the chosen candidate will be given the chance to complete one item off their bucket list and document it on social media. Plus you get $3,000 for being brave in 2021.

To apply to the dream job, you’ll need to head to Choice Mutual’s Bucket List Dream Job website and include the top five items on your bucket list, what you’d like to cross off your bucket list for the gig, the story behind your bucket list, and why you haven’t completed your bucket list yet.

You'll also have the option to add a video discussing your bucket list and why you’re the best person for the job, but make sure to apply by July 12th if you want the job!

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