Madden NFL 22 Threw Shade At FedEx Field With Its "Homefield Advantage"

Wild Card Round - Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Washington Football Team

Photo: Getty Images

FedEx Field and Washington's Football Team (WFT) have been notorious for not having the best field conditions for football and it looks like even Madden NFL wants to poke fun at them for that!

Madden NFL 2022 is still a month away, but they just released the homefield advantages for every team this year and it seems like they made a slight dig at Washington with their homefield advantage of "Unstable Ground."

Most homefield advantages are supposed to play whichever home team is playing, but Washington's doesn't really do that much because the advantage only prevents other teams from changing directions when playing at FedEx Field.

While some people pointed negatively at the WFT’s home-field advantage, former players were quick to speak to its truth like former running back Chris Thompson, which you can see below!

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