This Phase Of Your Relationship Is When You Decide To "Make It Or Break It"

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If you're trying to figure out if you're secure in your relationship or not then you might want to watch this TikTok, which claims a relationship is pretty much secured once a couple goes through the "realization stage" of their relationship.

A psychologist who goes by @logicallyinlove on TikTok just revealed a "Nine Month Rule" that has three stages every couple goes through before being secure in your relationship.

The three stages are the honeymoon stage, unraveling stage, and realization stage and here is what each stage looks like:

  • Honeymoon Stage: The fun part of your relationship where you love to be with each other all the time.
  • Unraveling Stage: About three months into your relationship, this is when you start to notice your partner's bad habits.
  • Realization Stage: The most important one because you notice the things that KEEP happening in your relationship and decide to quit things or keep going.

Obviously, she does a better job explaining things so you can see her viral TikTok video below!

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