We've All Been Parking Wrong According To TikTok

Aerial view of people walking in parking lot

Photo: Getty Images

How much time have you wasted trying to find a parking spot to only find that someone parked over the line and essentially closed that spot?

Turns out that if we all parked slightly different that parking would be a breeze according to TikTok user @bigbruva_77 who is going viral for his parking hack on the app!

In his video, which you can see below, we see him in a dealership lot filled with vehicles and saw that every vehicle was actually parked on the line instead of in between the lines.

Apparently, this leaves you enough room on either side to get out of your car and prevents you from being too close to one side.

Now there's probably no easy way to enforce this rule in public, but it's nice to imagine not getting your car scratched up because of someone's car door!

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