People Are Performing "Dead Tree Exorcisms" In Pennsylvania

Lumber Prices Continue To Rise Sharply

Photo: Getty Images

Leave it to Pennsylvania to make the first weird post-pandemic news story because a Home Depot in Dickson City, PA is getting a lot of attention after police showed up for a "dead tree exorcism."

Nobody really knows why multiple people showed up to perform an exorcism in the lumber section, it could have been because of increased lumber prices, but that's what police had to eventually break up after multiple calls.

Apparently the "exorcists" were performing an exorcism on the dead trees and disrupting customers from going down the aisle, which led to the police getting involved.

Luckily, the "exorcists" promptly left once the police showed up, but I have a feeling we're going to hear about more of these as the new trend for 2021!

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