This Massachusetts Bar Accepted Monopoly Money For Two Hours

Monopoly - car on Park Place with hotel

Photo: Getty Images

You most likely have a version of Monopoly sitting in your closet even if you can never finish a game and it might pay off if other bars follow what this bar in Massachusetts did and accept it for actual currency.

Ralph's Tavern in Worcester, Massachusetts accepted money from any version of Monopoly for TWO HOURS earlier this week and customers could use it to pay the cover charge, buy hot dogs, take Jell-O shots, and even participate in a raffle.

Unfortunately, Massachusetts prevented the business from accepting Monopoly money for alcoholic beverages, so legal tender was still required for alcoholic drinks, but you could definitely stack up on hot dogs with fake money.

The event was used as a campaign to get the bar included in a localized Worcester version of Monopoly and I'm pretty sure they're going to get noticed!


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