You Can Virtually Mow Lawns In A New Game Called 'Lawn Mowing Simulator'

Photo: Xbox

Mowing your own lawn is a daunting task, but a new video game wants to help you enjoying mowing the lawn by doing it virtually in Lawn Mowing Simulator!

The lawn mowing-based game just launched a new demo on Xbox Series X|S as part of Xbox's ID@Xbox program and all you do in the game is mow virtual lawns with varying types of landscaping tools.

The team behind Lawn Mowing Simulator previously made Train Simulator so they're hitting gold again with something we all take for granted, but could appreciate more if it was turned into a video game.

Each lawnmower in the game is apparently an actual model in real-life and you even have settings for things like how short you want to cut the grass to FINALLY impress your dad with your lawn mowing skills!

You can see what the game looks like below and download the demo HERE!

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