A Roblox Player Just Spent Over $4,000 On A Virtual Gucci Bag

It looks like virtual fashion might be more desirable than ACTUAL fashion because a Gucci handbag sold for $600 more than it costs in real life on Roblox over the weekend!

Roblox is a video game like Fortnite and Minecraft where players have a digital avatar that they can customize with in-game clothing that they can buy with micro-transactions and they recently held a Gucci event where they sold a Spiked Basketball Bag originally for $5 in real life.

However, you can resell items in the game and someone just purchased the limited-edition virtual handbag for $4,115 just to rock it on their avatar when they could have bought the actual handbag for $3,400 instead.

You can see what the handbag looks like HERE, but somebody's going to be in trouble with their partner or family when the credit card bill comes in the mail!

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