Apple Will Let You Watch Disney Plus And More With Friends Over FaceTime

Watching movies with your friends and family who don't live in the same house as you just got even easier because Apple has just announced a NEW feature that will allow you to stream movies and shows over FaceTime!

The feature is called "SharePlay," which was announced during Apple's recent Worldwide Developer’s Conference event, and it essentially allows you to watch movies shows, and music from pretty much every streaming service, except for Netflix as of right now.

You'll even be able to watch TikTok videos in the same FaceTime call so that you can explain why you sent you mom a random video that she doesn't understand!

SharePlay will be available on every Apple device and to activate it you simple need to hit a button during a FaceTime call to enable the feature. As of right now the feature is planned to release as part of the iOS 15 update, which is set to come later this year!

Would you use SharePlay or is Apple a little too late?


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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