Rubbing Your Ear With A Pencil Apparently Helps You Go To The Bathroom

You might want to stock up on pencils if you haven't purchased any in a while because a new TikTok hack is going viral that involves rubbing your ear with a pencil to go to the bathroom!

TikTok user @therealtiktokdoc, who is an actual plastic surgeon, is going viral for his latest hack that involves pushing the eraser end of a pencil into the top of your ear and gently massaging it.

Apparently doing this can not only help with cramping, but it can also help you go to the bathroom if you have an upset stomach

The video has over a MILLION views as of this writing, and the main reason this trick works is because the specific areas of your ear can trigger signals throughout your body to perform different functions.

You can see how it works below, but it's definitely worth trying later today!

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