An 'Among Us' Shaped McDonald's Chicken Nugget Is Selling For $34,000

Just when you thought you had enough reason to go to McDonald's because of their BTS meal, you can now apparently find Among Us-shaped chicken nuggets and start selling them online for $34,000!

An eBay listing is going viral because someone is doing just that where they found a chicken nugget in their McDonald's bag that they say looks like a crewmate from the hit 2020 game and as of right now it's current offer is over $34,000.

The chicken nugget was apparently included with the BTS McDonald's meal, so it already has a bigger social media following because of them, and was originally listed for $0.99. The auction continues for one more day so the seller is definitely going to walk away with a good chunk of change.

The best part is that even the game's developers have heard of the story and are trying to boost the auction price even more for the fan! You can see the chicken nugget HERE!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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