Watch These Collectors Go Crazy Over Pokémon Cards At Walmart

You might not be able to buy trading cards for the foreseeable future if videos like this keep popping up that prove collectors can be kind of crazy when it comes to trying to build their collection!

A video captured by Instagram user tcg_grassi is going viral because it shows about a dozen people trying to rush through a Walmart in Pennsylvania as soon as it opened to try and get their new stock of Pokémon cards for the day.

What ensues is chaos because you can see all the collectors in the video below getting a little physical when trying to track down the new release of cards and it all started because a few people started running then everyone else did.

Who knows what these collectors are actually doing with the cards, most likely reselling them for higher prices, but this is why stores like Target have stopped selling trading cards in-store and if the trend continues, Walmart might do the same!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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