A Woman Was Arrested For Trying To Pass Off Water Bottles As A PS5

It's safe to assume that you probably had a hard time getting a PlayStation 5 (PS5) if you were one of the lucky ones to get a console, but this re-seller might have done one of the dumbest things imaginable - she tried to pass of a box of water bottles as a PS5!

Now we get that you have to be slightly cautious when buying things online, but a woman in Japan was just arrested for selling a box of water for $600 because she tried hiding it in a PS5 box.

After opening the box and discovering water inside instead of a PS5, the customer naturally tried to get in touch with the woman from which she bought it. Unsurprisingly, there was no way to get hold of her and it led to the police getting involved.

Police eventually tracked her down and arrested her and she now faces fraud charges because she claimed she didn't know what was in the box. but we have a feeling she knows what she did!

Let this be a word to the wise, don't be a bad re-seller and always make your purchases on reputable websites!

(The Gamer)

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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