YouTube Has Revealed The Most Common Vlogger Intros

How does your favorite YouTuber start their videos? Chances are they welcome you to their new video by saying "Hey, guys" according to YouTube!

YouTube recently conducted a survey where it discovered the most common intros people who post on the platform use and "Hey, guys" took the top spot, which makes us cringe a little every time we think of an influencer saying it.

To get these findings, YouTube looked looking at the auto- and creator-generated captions from over a million videos that had at least 20,000 views from channels that had over 20,000 subscribers.

YouTube also found that different genres of videos like a sports channel usually opened their video with "What's going on?" instead and travel videos started with "Good Morning" most of the time.

Here are the most common video intros in case you want to improve your YouTube channel:

  1. "Hey, guys."
  2. "What's up?"
  3. "Good morning"
  4. "Hi guys!"
  5. "All right"
  6. "Hey everyone"
  7. "Hello everyone"
  8. "Hi everyone"
  9. "What's going on"
  10. "What's is up"

(The Verge)

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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