A Pokémon Go Player Lost A Gym He Held For 3 Years After Bragging About It

The Internet is home to a TON of things, but one thing you should always avoid doing on it is bragging about your achievements, because somebody is always going to try and outpace you, which this Pokémon Go player learned the hard way earlier this week!

Pokémon Go player BootsMade4Walking recently posted on Reddit to talk about how he held a gym in the game for three and a half years (1,332 days) with one Pokémon and it only took an hour for him to be booted out of the gym.

As soon as he posted other commenters said he'd immediately have trolls try and beat him and that's exactly what ended up happening. Now the remote gym belongs to some troll on Reddit and BootsMade4Walking doesn’t really mind.

You can read more on the story below, but let this be the reminder to stay humble on the Internet!!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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