Tacos Are Replacing Cakes For Birthday Celebrations

Sure you might enjoy having a cake at your birthday celebration, but get ready to switch things up this year with birthday tacos instead!

Birthday-themed tacos are a growing trend on Instagram and who knows if it's because everyone loves tacos, but I'm here for this!

You can look up #BirthdayTacos on the app and you'll see a TON of people celebrating with a large amount of tacos in the shape of the age they are turning.

Apparently it all started with a Houston restaurant called Las Brasa Tacos & Grill, which started birthday tacos as a catering option and now I hope every taco place does something similar.

You can see what some of the birthday tacos look like below and you could always have cake after, but it won't be the main event celebration it used to be!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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