Disney Is Making Retractable Lightsabers

Your childhood dreams of becoming a Jedi might actually become true because Disney just revealed that they are working on a realistic retractable lightsaber prototype for its parks!

Disney Parks chairman Josh D'Amaro recently closed a virtual presentation last week about the opening date of Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure, but he's going viral for apparently having the new lightsaber that had light stored inside the hilt just like the movies.

While no pictures or video of this new lightsaber have been revealed, but other executives later teased that the lightsaber was real, but that they aren't ready to make a formal announcement about it just yet.

You can see the reaction of a press member who was in attendance below, but we might have to wait until the upcoming at the upcoming Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser hotel opens up for us to get more news.


Photo Credit: Disney Parks

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