Netflix Has Acquired The Rights To Sony Films Like Spider-Man

You'll FINALLY have a designated place to go to when trying to watch the latest Sony movie because Netflix and Sony Pictures have just struck a deal that will keep every upcoming Spider-Man and every other Sony film on Netflix after they finish in theaters.

Starting in 2022, you will be able to log onto Netflix and watch the most recent Spider-Man, Jumanji, Ghostbusters, or even Bad Boys movie on Netflix and not have to search the Internet for where to watch them all.

According to our friends at Variety, the deal will amount to a record-setting sum of almost $1 billion for a pay-one window agreement for five years.

Sony has previously partnered with Starz for its theatrical streaming agreements since 2006 and while this deal only covers the US, we're in for a streaming treat starting in 2022.

You can also probably expect Netflix to increase its prices in 2022 as well!


Photo Credit: Sony Pictures

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