Disney Plus Released 'The Zemo Cut' Of Falcon And The Winter Soldier

Who would have thought that barely five years after Daniel Brühl's first appearance as the villain Zemo in Captain America: Civil War that he'd become one of the most popular dance memes and gifs of all time!

After a TON of fan demand after the third episode of The Falcon And The Winter Soldier, called "Power Broker," Marvel and Disney+ decided to release the extended "Zemo cut" of the villain dancing in the club.

We knew that Marvel had filmed an extended scene of Brühl dancing in the club and it just goes to show that sometimes the Internet can come together for good reasons.

Check out the extended scene featuring even more dance moves that we'll be attempting when we go back out on the weekends!

To go one step further, Marvel Studios and Disney+ even released an HOUR-LONG version of Zemo dancing just in case you needed something fun in the background while working from home this week!

Photo Credit: Disney+

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