You Can Get Paid $2,400 To Watch True Crime Docs For 24 Hours

Do you consider yourself a true crime-aficionado who could probably solve a crime if given the chance?

Time for you to start making money off your TV and podcast passions because a streaming service is offering $2,400 for you to watch 24 hour of true crime documentaries!

MagellanTV is giving true crime fans another chance to be one of three people to be paid $2,400 to watch as many true crime docs as possible and post about their experiences on social media.

Essentially you'll be paid $100 for every hour of true crime documentaries you watch and obviously this isn't for the faintest of heart or for anyone who can get tired easily.

You can apply until May 5th for the opportunity HERE, but just have an animated film on standby to help you decompress from 24 hours of true crime!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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