Nerf Is Hiring A "Chief TikTok Officer"

There was nothing better as a '90s kid than getting your own Nerf gun and now you can make your childhood dream of getting paid for Nerf fights come true by becoming the company's new "Chief TikTok Officer!"

Nerf is looking for its "TikTok Officer" to help the brand start and grow its own TikTok channel for three months and not only will you get paid $30,000 for your troubles, but you'll also get a TON of Nerf products to promote and use in all of your videos.

It's a real job on the company’s real career site, and you do have to submit a real job application and interview for the role if Hasbro likes what you’ve got. If chosen, you’ll be expected to create 10–12 TikTok videos per month and meet weekly with Nerf’s marketing team, which doesn't sound that hard at all.

It’s also completely remote, so you’ll be interfacing through Microsoft Teams, Zoom from wherever you live. However, you do have to be at least 18 or older, but for all us '90s kids who grew up this is perfect!

To learn more about the position you can go HERE!

(The Verge)

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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