Pizza Hut Is Adding A "Hut Lane" For Online Orders

Get ready to never have to stand awkwardly inside a Pizza Hut waiting for your order to be ready again because the pizza chain has just announced it will be adding a "Hut Lane" to over 1500 of its stores!

Essentially it's a dedicated pick-up window for online orders that will allow customers to simply pull up to the window, grab their pizza, and be on their way instead of having to wait inside a store.

To go through the "Hut Lane" you need to just place your order on either Pizza Hut's website or app and this is all possible thanks to Pizza Hut realizing most of its customers are in and out of their stores within five minutes and to help reduce human contact when picking up your food.

You can see what a "Hut Lane" will look like below and to see if your local Pizza Hut will be getting one you can see on the app!

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