New Study Claims You Need 150 Friends To Be Successful

If someone where to ask you about how many friends you had, how many would you come up with? Turns out we need 150 of them to be successful according to this new study!

In the study, an anthropologist discovered that having 150 friends, not necessarily good friends, is the key for someone to be successful later in life.

Fortunately, out of those 150 friends, they don't need to be people you consider "good friends" and are just people you normally see at gatherings or from time to time.

Now when it comes to "good friends," researchers claim you need 12-15 friends who'd be upset if something were to happen to you.

You can read more about the research HERE and I don't know about you, but working on having 12 friends is A LOT easier than 150!!

(The Mail)

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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