New Video Game Lets You Interact With Pictures Of Dogs

You might not know this, but there are a TON of video game dogs to pet out in the wild, but one video game is hoping to help you find the dog of your dreams by making every character a stock image of a real dog!

Dog Airport Game is releasing on Steam and Xbox Series X/S on May 25th and will feature dozens of images of real-life dogs for players to interact with in the open-world game.

The game is technically set in a distant galaxy where you are the last human in the universe and you have to figure out why only dogs remain in the world.

Apparently you'll also meet an image of a grumpy cat and a secret bear somewhere in the game so there's something for every animal lover!

You can see all the good boys and girls in the announcement trailer below!

(The Gamer)

Photo Credit: Dog Airport Game

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