You Can Trade in Your 'Quarantine Clutter' For Free Coors Light

Say what you will about working from home, but it at least as allowed us to try and customize and upgrade our home offices, but at the same time it's also led to most of us having a ton of clutter around the house.

That's why Coors Light wants to help you get rid of your "quarantine clutter" by giving you free beer in exchange!

The light beer brand is letting people trade in their clutter for its weight in free beer, but there are some caveats! Coors Light will be only setting up two temporary depots from 1pm-5pm this Saturday to collect clutter and they are only in Georgia and Nevada.

You can also only earn up to two cased of Coors Light, but the company will then donate your unwanted items to local charities that can use them

Fingers crossed it goes well in Atlanta, Georgia and Paradise, Nevada because we want this to come to the DMV and celebrate cleaning up our home offices!

To learn more about the process you can go HERE!

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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