You Can Get Paid $70 An Hour To Be A Minecraft Gardening Consultant

If you or your kid love Minecraft then now might be the time for them to start making money off of their passion and not from streaming on Twitch!

Garden company WhatShed is currently looking for a "virtual landscape gardener" to provide professional advice to other players and help them improve their Minecraft gardens.

Applicants should be passionate about both gardening AND Minecraft, which is a weird intersection of people, but the best part of the job is that not only is it remote, but you can get paid up to $70 an hour for your services.

You can even set your own rates and hours every week so if you're busy or want to enjoy Minecraft on your own you totally can every week.

Consultations last an hour for every client and to apply for the job you can go HERE, but if you need to brush up on your Minecraft skills you can watch the video below!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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