This Norfolk Restaurant Offers A Free Meal A Day With No Questions Asked

The pandemic hit restaurants hard and a lot of customers have come through in big ways this year, but I wanted to highlight a local restaurant near my hometown that's riding a wave of "pay-it-forward" since it started last year!

Perfectly Frank's is a hot dog-based restaurant in Norfolk, Virginia that lake many restaurants struggled this past year, but thanks to a donor who gave $100 to each member of the 15-person staff, the restaurant has a new way of helping those in need.

They call it the "Franks for Friends" board where they have a number of potential meals that were already paid by other customers that people in need can use.

The restaurant doesn't ask any questions and they've had a number of customers use the board to get a free meal that would cost someone else about $10. The board also has messages of kindness like, “If you want more kindness in the world, put it there.”

You can see what the board looks like below, but hopefully this can spread to other restaurants in the DMV.

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