The CDC Has Released A 'Zombie Preparedness Guide'

You thought 2020 was bad? Turns out that 2021 is going to be even worse if this Nostradamus prediction is true because a zombie apocalypse is supposed to happen in 2021!

The Internet is currently freaking out that Nostradamus predicted a zombie apocalypse would happen this year and the CDC has released a Zombie Preparedness Guide just in case it does happen.

You can read the entire guide HERE, which might be a good idea to brush up on if you've been missing out on The Walking Dead, but here are some highlights:

  • Water - You’ll want to store at least one gallon of water, per person, for every day you think you’ll be trapped during a zombie apocalypse so a TON of water.
  • Food - Stock up on non-perishable items just like you did when COVID first hit, but make sure to also store non-perishables that are healthy because who knows what happens to crops with zombies.
  • First Aid Supplies - Have a first aid kit that’s going to last you a while and cover more injuries than simply scraps and cuts. Meaning you should probably start stocking up on medical supplies besides ibuprofen.
  • Tools and Supplies - You should be adding the following to your survival kit: a utility knife, duct tape, and a battery-powered radio.


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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