This Streamer Accidentally Bent A Rare Charizard Card During A Livestream

Pokémon cards are back in full effect and even if you can't get your hands on a rare Charizard card, you can at least watch other people unbox them, but a streamer learned the hard way that you might want to open your packs before messing with them!

Streamer Daithi De Nogla recently held a livestream where he received a $50 donation that asked him to bend a pack of Pokémon cards before opening it and of course he bent the one pack with a shiny VMAX Charizard that's worth several hundred dollars.

You can see the video below of De Nogla's reaction to realizing what he had just bent and even though he could still get some money from the bent card, it is nowhere close to what he would have received if he kept the card in good condition.

Just goes to show that sometimes it’s best to always know what you have before messing with things!

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