Peeps Is Releasing Marshmallow-Scented Easter Grass

It's weird to think that we're already coming up on Easter, but it's almost here and Peeps is hoping to help families get in the holiday spirit this year by releasing their own Easter grass that somehow is marshmallow-scented!

Easter grass is essentially the plastic grass you usually buy for a dollar to decorate your kids' Easter basket and Peeps wants to dominate Easter even more by releasing their own line of Easter grass that comes in green, yellow, pink, blue, and purple.

The problem is that you already know a TON of kids are going to think their Easter grass is edible because it smells like normal Peeps.

You might want to tell your kid just exactly what is edible in their basket this year just as a precaution!

You can see what the Peeps Easter grass looks like below!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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